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What Laying Hens Deserve

This is how one hen lays her egg. Afterwards, she spends a few minutes doing a little nesting, and then she leaves the nest. Each hen is different. Some leave the nest soon after laying their eggs. Others will settle … Continue reading

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How Apple Pie Starts

This is how apple pie starts – as a small flower. It’s late April and the apple trees are blooming several weeks early. Soon, wild bees will pollinate these flowers, and all summer long the apples will soak in the … Continue reading

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Far, Far Away

These are the train tracks I pedal across nearly every day as I go fetch the mail, deliver eggs, and make other errands. And further down this page is the quiet driveway to a man and his hoe®, the forest … Continue reading

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Contaminated Farmland

Today there were many articles like this one from NPR: China Admits That One-Fifth Of Its Farmland Is Contaminated. The details of the report by the Chinese government are stunning. The report, issued by the ministries of Environmental Protection and … Continue reading

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First Post Child Rearing Egg

Hens lay special eggs at times. There is the very first egg they lay, which is a tiny egg. There is the first egg they lay after their winter lull. These eggs also tend to be smaller. And then there … Continue reading

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A Shovel Worth Having – and Made in Ohio to Boot

Good tools are indispensable when it comes to farming. And this is especially true with hand tools. A few weeks ago I found a sturdy shovel made by Bully Tools of Steubenville, Ohio, where they make all their tools. What … Continue reading

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Salad Recipe – Five to Ten Minutes

It’s fresh salad season here at a man and his hoe®, and I thought I’d share a simple salad recipe, one that I make nearly every day. Step 1: Go into the vegetable garden and fill a salad spinner with … Continue reading

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