Every Chick Deserves a Mother

Every Chick Deserves a Mother

Every Chick Deserves a Mother

Six years ago I started raising chickens primarily to have my own supply of fresh eggs. Two years ago while we were on vacation one of our hens began sitting on a clutch of eggs. The eggs hatched soon after we returned, and watching that hen, Madeleine, raise her chicks was a transforming experience. I had no idea that the bond between a hen and her chicks was so strong. After observing more of my hens hatch and rear their young, I came to the conclusion that every chick deserves a mother. I realize that this extremely old fashioned, slow way of raising chickens will never replace factory farms, but I still think it is important that people know how complex chickens actually are.

I published a book, Every Chick Deserves a Mother, describing and illustrating the love and care chickens are capable of. Plus I get to eat the most delicious eggs possible.

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  1. Donna C says:

    I hope you came to a conclusion not a concussion! 😉 I love your blog and share it with friends on Mother’s Day. Thanks for the uplifting posts on nature, hens and mothering.

    • Thank you. That page has been up there for years and you are the first to point it out.

      • Donna C (Dojoc) says:

        I actually found your blog in 2015 when searching for information about humanely raised poultry. I’ve been reading your blog and sharing this link with others since and never noticed the typo. Perhaps it says something about how are brains process information. We see what makes sense to us, not what is really there.

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