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Bird Flu Confirmed at Iowa Farm With 5.3 Million Chickens ~ New York Times
Bird flu: EU in talks as Netherlands battles outbreak ~
Rooster Hitches Ride with Owner to Job Site ~
Two California towns where chickens have free range ~ SFGate
Phoenix neighborhood filled with feral fowl ~ azcentral
At Home with an English Artist and her Chickens ~ Celia’s Garden
Your chicken is about to get more full of feces ~ The Guardian
Sick chicken: what you need to know and what the government won’t tell you – video ~ The Guardian (UK)
CDC Progress Report: Campylobacter and Vibrio Rates Rose in 2012 ~ Food Safety News
CDC Food Safety Progress Report for 2012 ~ USDA Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Chicken Prices Are Rising Because of Rooster Infertility ~ Entrepreneur
Endurance and Appreciation ~ Herrings Green Grass Farm
Why chicken is better than beef ~ Quartz
What Kind of Chicken Farmer Are You? ~ Inside Bainbridge
Mentzer: Free the chickens! Wisconsin Rapids latest to OK urban chickens
Fowl play as burglars steal chickens from nursery school in Cheshunt
Urban chickens after all?
Chicken Keeping
Backyard chicken coop promotes urban farming
Pet Peeve #1: Vegetarian Fed
Herbs for Hens
The Huddersfield women’s campaign for Chicken’s Lib that has lasted a lifetime
Ozone Eggs
Egg industry titan, son plead guilty to charges linked to 2010 salmonella outbreak ~ Star Tribune
US charges egg company, 2 execs in 2010 outbreak ~ CNS News
Egg industry titan, son plead guilty to charges linked to 2010 salmonella outbreak ~ Star Tribune
Quality Egg Fined Millions, DeCosters Plead Guilty ~ Mercy For Animals
Making Chicken Soup ~ Hightail Farms
Factors Affecting Egg Production in Chickens ~ Inside Bainbridge
Effect of physical activity of laying hens on egg quality ~ European Poultry Science
Conditions for Laying Hens ~ Roy’s Farm
Caring for Chicks / Ducklings from Day One to Independence ~ Beauty of Birds
Five very good reasons to buy pastured eggs at farmers markets ~ WPSU
Calving When it’s Time to Calve ~ Chism Heritage Farm
Olivier de Schutter ~ UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food
Lyle’s, Shoreditch – Semi-soft Gull’s Eggs ~ Little Lady Eats
Reducing feather pecking in non-cage-laying flocks ~ Poultry International
Egg stamping starts in November ~ Free Range Eggs (Australia)
Raising Chickens Naturally-GARLIC with Herbalist, Susan Burek ~ The Chicken Chick
An Introduction to Poultry Keeping ~ The Accidental Smallholder
Battery farm video footage obtained by animal activists shows hens cramped in cages, without feathers ~ Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Chicken genome: Current status and future opportunities ~ Genome Research
Chicken Genome Sequencing: Gallus gallus ~
Gallus GBrowse: a unified genomic database for the chicken ~ National Center for Biotechnology Information
Gallus Genome GBrowse ~ Birdbase Generic Genome Browser, v2, University of Delaware
Debeaking Video Shows Standard Practice on Free-Range Egg Farms ~ Free From Harm
Beak Trimming ~ Miller Hatcheries
Undercover Investigation at Hy-Line Hatchery ~ YouTube
The Chicken Frizzle Feather Is Due to an α-Keratin (KRT75) Mutation That Causes a Defective Rachis ~ Plos Genetics
Poultry Genetics ~ University of Kentucky
Normal Behaviors of Chickens in Small and Backyard Poultry Flocks ~
This Ain’t No Disco ~ Future Farmers Live Here
North of Norwich (Beautiful Chickens) ~ Plant Heritage
Chism Heritage Farm
The top 5 ways to combine chickens and gardening ~ My Pet Chicken
Philippine Native Chicken ~ Wikipedia
Paleo Egg Muffins ~ Healthy Crush
Icelandic Chickens ~ David Grote
Icelandic Chickens ~ The Egg Farm
Is “Re-Eating” Taking Recycling Too Far? ~ Grow Your Own Groceries
Koop Clean: a Fresh, New Chicken Bedding from Lucerne Farms ~ The Chicken Chick
Gay penguins adopt abandoned chick ~ Mail Online
Anne Schwartz, Blue Heron Farm, Honored as EcoFarm’s 2014 Steward of Sustainable Agriculture ~ Good Food World
PROFILE: Anne Schwartz, Owner, Blue Heron Farm ~ Grow Northwest
Why Is Pastured Meat So Expensive? ~ Sarah Morton Nutrition
Free Range Egg VS Store Bought Barn Raised Egg ~ Hoven Farms
Farmer Anne Schwartz of Blue Heron Farm (part 1 of 2) ~ Skagit Valley Farmers
Farmer Anne Schwartz of Blue Heron Farm (part 2 of 2) ~ Skagit Valley Farmers
Chickens, The Garden & Happy Mothers Day ~ Lil’ Suburban Homstead
We’re Cooking: Saffron and Herb Marinated Grilled Chicken ~ Red Wine with Breakfast
No More Boring Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts ~ Pinterest
In England’s Green and Pleasant Land ~ Hen Corner
Brownback signs bill aimed to prevent federal regulation of lesser prairie chicken ~ The Kansas City Star
Lesser Prairie-chicken ~ US Fish & Wildlife Service
Galliformes ~ Wikipedia
The Hard Realities of Raising Humane Food
Building a Farm Around the Table: Horton Hill Farm ~ Watershed Post
Dare 2 Dream Farms
Move Over Chickens, Here’s Something Duckier For The Backyard ~ NPR The Salt
The Clucking Hens of My Altadena Home ~ Zocalo Public Square
The Egg Came First Lamar Ledger
In Profile: Chicken ranch a teaching tool for Folsom nutrition expert ~ The New Orleans Advocate
One Woman’s Ramblings On Raising Chickens And Vegetable Gardens In The City ~ Cluck & Hoe
Supermodel Gisele Buendchen on Raising Chickens etc ~ Food & Wine
Lansing clarifies ordinance; no farm animal raising in village limits ~
Chickens ~ Pinterest
Chicken Well Done ~ Washington Post
Scientists race to develop farm animals to survive climate change ~ Los Angeles Times
Feds fund research to create a climate-proof chicken ~ PBS
China lifts seven-year ban on Va. poultry imports ~ The Washington Post
Farewell to backyard chickens and beekeepers — outlawing animals on Michigan’s small farms ~ The Bovine
Algal Scientific’s Breakthrough Animal-Health Discoveries Draw Investor Interest ~ XConomy
Vencomatic Patio System Makes Birds Healthier, Drug-Free ~ Slate
Shaver Birds The Girls at Heritage Chickens
Re-seeding the Chicken Run Such and Such Farm
Penny and Her Hens The Pierogie Mama
Homesteading Update 2 – Chickens Pencils and Pancakes
Passion for poultry: Deer Lodge man’s hobby comes with bright colors, feathers The Montana Standard
More Chickens Our Boerne Life
What It Takes to Raise Your Own Chickens Fingerlakes TWC News
All posts in Chickens & Eggs Wild Sage Homestead
Dust Bathing Chickens ~ YouTube
Need Help with making decision: Full grown or eggs? ~ Bubblenews
International Respect for Chickens Day Celebrates Compassion for Chickens ~ News from all over the world
How To Feed Baby Chicks ~ Northwest Edible Life
Keeping a Clean Coop for Healthy Chickens ~Community Chickens
Know Your Enemy: Chicken Predators ~Community Chickens
Plain Chicken Cartoons on sticky notes by Doug Savage
Savage Chickens – Getting Started with Chickens Cartoons on sticky notes by Doug Savage
Kids behave better when given food to chew rather than bite ~ Medical News Today
Bites of History: Easter egg tradition reaches far and wide ~ The Advocate
Goat House Farms – Pasture Raised Chicken
Sunny Knoll EcoFarm Heritage Chickens
Perfect Eggs for a Japanese Omelet’s Elegant Swirls
The Self Sufficient Home Acre
Three Seed Farm – Chicken CSA
Fresh Eggs Daily
Off the Farm Food ~ Weatherford Democrat
‘What the Cluck?’ Garden of Eve’s Chickapalooza kicks off ~ northforker long island
Easy dinner recipes: Rotisserie chicken comes to the rescue ~ Los Angeles Times
We Just Found Your New Dream Pet. It's A Chicken. ~ Huffington Post
Chef Norman Van Aken's “Green Parrot” fried chicken and waffles … ~ CBS News
Why Are Burger King and Domino's Pizza Pushing Chicken? The … ~ Motley Fool
Eldorado chicken owners to appeal court ruling ~ Albuquerque Journal
Homewood allows hens at homes ~ SouthtownStar
On the Capitol: Brett Hulsey puts Operation Chicken on hold ~ Chippewa Herald
Brett Emerson's Arròs Caldós With Chicken, Chorizo and Mushrooms ~ Wall Street Journal
Best fried chicken in the state? Try Carl's Corner ~ NUjournal
One-pot recipe: Mustard and white wine braised chicken ~ Patriot-News
Cramlington chicken coop opened to celebrate school's Easter fair ~ ChronicleLive
Barbecued Chicken With Mango Salsa ~ BoldSky
Would-be chicken owners in 'cluck': Hudson to hold seminar ~ Nashua Telegraph
Chicken wings with Irish whiskey espresso barbecue sauce ~ The Warren Reporter
Chicken care needed ~ Journal Inquirer
Giving mint its due in a savory lemon chicken wrap ~ Ahwatukee Foothills News
See Reporter Panic Over Flapping Chicken ~ CNN (blog)
Kick It Up With Kung Pao Chicken | Recipe ~ stupidDOPE
Gordon Freireich: Which came first: the egg or the chicken law … ~ York Daily Record
Overturned rig was carrying 60K pounds of chicken ~ Access North Georgia
The Home Cook: Asam Laksa ~ creamy chicken n'mushroom ~ Bendigo Advertiser
USA Chicken & Biscuit in Derry closes ~ The Union Leader
BBQ Chicken Pizza | Moms ~ Greeley Tribune
Nursery chicks hatch in time for Easter ~ Maidenhead Advertiser
RICHARSON: The high price of cheap chicken ~
Nebraska poultry brand aims for farm flavor, top quality ~ Clay Center Dispatch
Wines with hint of sweet for a sweet/sour recipe ~ Chicago Tribune (blog)
Elgin will consider allowing chickens ~ Chicago Daily Herald
Fire destroys 11000 chickens at poultry farm ~ New Straits Times
The OZY Connection ~ OZY
Living off the land: Ferocious foxes, greedy slugs and a wandering hen ~ Yahoo Lifestyle UK
Stourport care home welcomes 12 new feathered friends ~ Kidderminster Shuttle
Plucky start to school project ~ Somerset County Gazette
Chickens in the yard: Can I do it in the city? Steve Maxwell answers ~ National Post
cockfighting arrests crowd county jail, courts ~ Local 10
The Persian plate ~ Irish Times
Bahr: Lots of families tell stories about headless chickens ~

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