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How Do You Recall 207,000,000 Eggs?

The sky is blue enough this morning to proclaim it a sunny day. Even as I write, sunlight dabbles the grass. Days of sunshine are in the forecast. The remaining cherry, pear, and plum blossoms will be glorious. I can … Continue reading

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If Your Mind is a Sphincter

Once in a while I hear someone say something worth quoting. Today it was hearing George Saunders say in an interview, “If your mind is a sphincter, it tends to tighten over time.” That was a good and thoughtful laugh. … Continue reading

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More Fluff

Yesterday’s light snow was melted and gone by the time we went to bed. But this morning, a thick fluff blanketed everything. The ducks glide through the snow effortlessly, or so it seems. Down along the snowy lane, a brave … Continue reading

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Winter Claws Back

Winter clawed back this week. Yesterday morning was the coldest of this season. Though the bright sunshine of yesterday melted away almost all of the snow, today snow flakes are again falling, drifting, flying about. With the ground frozen hard, … Continue reading

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World’s Best Egg Run

It’s Thursday and time to deliver eggs to Tweets Café in Edison. The five mile run into Edison must rank as one of the world’s best egg runs. The road winds through woodland, blueberry fields, flanked by the Chuckanut Mountains. … Continue reading

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Spring Has Sprung

The stinging nettles are up. Spring has sprung. Once the stinging nettles have pushed out of the ground, there is no going back to winter’s sadness. The day lilies are up, and flower bulbs are ready to pop all over. … Continue reading

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Land of Mud

It has been raining almost every day for a month now. We are the land of mud, of rubber boots and raincoats. The ducks don’t mind. They would be happy if the garden turned into one big puddle. It’s the … Continue reading

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