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A Question No More

Until a short time ago the question was, “Will it snow this winter?” That question is now answered. It snowed this winter, a soft, gentle, beautiful snow. I can go ponder other things. Many of the better things in life … Continue reading

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Another Handy Phone Trick – Egg Candling

This probably wasn’t in any Silicon Valley developer’s mind when they added an LED flash to a phone, but an LED flash on a cell phone works great to candle an egg. The case on my iPhone has a cutout … Continue reading

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Ode to Rhubarb

The first picking of rhubarb is always an occasion to celebrate. Rhubarb is a celebration of everything green and red. Few vegetables crunch the way rhubarb does when you slice it with a knife. This year’s first rhubarb picking became … Continue reading

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The Secret to Happiness: Who Knew?

The flowering cherry may have scattered its blossoms, but the Rainier cherries are just opening up. The pear trees are in full bloom too. And under the blooming pears, I’ve found the secret to happiness: ducks. All it takes is … Continue reading

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Happiness Is …

Happiness is watching red wing black birds gathering cattail fluff for their nest. Happiness is freeing Daisy from her nursery. Her chicks are a week old today and ready to explore the wide world. Five of them are actually Buff … Continue reading

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Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! or Do You Love Me Now?

Fresh out of the oven, dog treats made from okara, whole wheat flour, grated parmesan, and bacon. Takuma and Ena are asking, “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!” before they are even cooled. The nice thing about making your own dog treats is … Continue reading

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Royalty on Display

The Prunus subhirtella is in bloom … delicately. From fall into early spring, this cherry is a pleasant reminder of what spring will bring. On a warm, sunny, December day, King Richard struts his stuff. Have a few roosters, and … Continue reading

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