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Oh Spring, Where Art Thou?

Oh Spring, where art thou? It’s an oft repeated cry this February. I should be out weeding and planting and … and … and, but this morning all I can do is be delighted by the beautiful snow. There are … Continue reading

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When Spring and Winter Dance

When spring and winter dance, towering clouds leap over the mountains, dragging curtains of snow through the tree tops. These dances are so ephemeral that if you are driving, you have to pull over to the side of the road … Continue reading

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Winter’s End

Blooming witch-hazel mark the end of winter and the beginning of spring. These beguiling flowers remind me of colorful spiders. A few days after they open, their spicy fragrance makes you close your eyes and have pleasant dreams. The “witch” … Continue reading

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Life Is a River

Life is a river endlessly changing. You barely have time to enjoy something before you are swept away to the next viewpoint. Yesterday’s bird footprints in the snow vanish in today’s steady rain. Will I remember them tomorrow? Mount Blanchard … Continue reading

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When Dogs Climb Trees

Fiery clouds at dawn portend an auspicious day ahead. Something remarkable is sure to occur. The dogs have discovered that a Douglas squirrel lives in an old stump. It’s dug tunnels through the rotting stump, and the dogs are adamant … Continue reading

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The Joys of Having a Personal Roaster

A pleasant five mile bicycle ride north live Bill and Gilda Gorr, coffee roasters who roast coffee one pound at a time. When it became no longer practical to keep ordering our favorite coffee from Seattle, I took them some … Continue reading

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Close to Perfect

I had a feeling this loaf was going to be good. Relaxation is the main ingredient for making bread. After mixing flour from Skagit grown wheat with water and salt, I let the dough relax for twelve hours, folding it … Continue reading

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