Buying Eggs

Tweets Cafe, open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, in Edison, WA, uses my eggs in their dishes and also has them available for sale. I deliver eggs to Tweets each Thursday, so the eggs for sale there will have been laid on Wednesday and Thursday.

You can also text or call me at 360-202-0386 or email me at if you would like to purchase eggs directly from me.

Unlike most egg sellers who, for reasons I have yet to understand, don’t want you to know how old their eggs are, each of my eggs has the day it was laid, so you’ll always know how fresh the eggs are. Some eggs even have the name of the hen which laid the egg. You’ll never find that in your supermarket carton of eggs.



Hear are the labels on the outside of a carton of a man and his hoe eggs®.


The wording Washington State requires that I put on each carton.


The labels inside an egg carton.



EggSealI also need to affix a Washington State egg seal on each carton. The egg seals read “one dozen eggs” and the only reason for that is that the state does not make a “six eggs” seal.

2 Responses to Buying Eggs

  1. Mom says:

    Brown chickens can lay white eggs, white chickens can lay brown eggs, and black chickens can lay green or blue eggs. The breed, not the individual bird color, determines the color scope of eggs. If you see a green chicken lay any color egg, I would probably not eat it. 😉

  2. 7saturdays says:

    Question for you Sir. My girlfriend and I were arguing whether brown eggs came from brown chickens – I said white chickens could lay brown eggs (and brown chickens could lay white eggs), which of us is correct? (When we were arguing, I immediately thought of asking you). Thank you.

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