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It Takes a Lot of Smarts to be a Duck

The path to the cabin is overgrown with lavender and thimble berries. You can’t see the cabin until you are almost there. When the summer busies are over, the market a memory, I’ll have time to trim the thimble berries, … Continue reading

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Lap of Luxury

An unexpected surprise were the falling flowers from this morning’s bouquet. Within minutes of bringing in fresh flowers for the table, some of the flowers rained down on my keyboard and the table. And this is the definition of luxury. … Continue reading

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Dog Days of July

It’s the dog days of July, but when you think about it, every day is a dog’s day. I’ve had to separate Ema and her ducklings from the other ducks. She needs time alone to raise her ducklings without being … Continue reading

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New Ducklings, New Potatoes

When I went to put the ducks to bed last night I heard peeping. Emma’s eggs had hatched. Today was their first full day outside, and she took them all over the garden. The row of komatsuna and rows of … Continue reading

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Babies Galore

There are four hens raising nearly 50 chicks. Three of the hens are raising chicks I purchased from a hatchery. A broody hen is a chance to rear a new variety of hen to increase the variety of eggs. I … Continue reading

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One More Day?

Happy and his consorts are always happy to devour any leftover tofu or okara when I am in the cabin making tofu. One more day? The cherry trees are full of cherries this year. The birds are leaving them alone … Continue reading

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Weeds Are Useful

There are plenty of places in the gardens where the weeds and brush grow profusely. I don’t mind them because they are a haven for many good insects and spiders to live. They come out and quickly dispatch any invading … Continue reading

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