Spring Pushes Winter Aside

spring daffodil shoots

Just a handful of days ago the daffodils were still under deep snow. They first popped out of the ground in December. I’ve never seen daffodils send up their shoots so early. I was afraid what the snow and deep freeze would do to them. But the deep, soft snow protected the daffodils from the bitter cold. And when Spring pushed Winter aside, the snow melted, the daffodils reappeared as if nothing had happened.

I guess we were lucky so much soft snow fell before it turned bitter cold. A foot of soft, fluffy snow is like a thick down blanket, keeping tender shoots from the damaging cold.

Cut logs stacked
Split wood in a wheelbarrow

The heavy snow felled a number of trees. I’ll be busy with the chain saw for several months cleaning up the damage. It’s time to keep the chainsaw in good condition and the axes sharp.

The snow flattened swaths of Thimble Berry and Salmon Berry bushes. Many of the bamboo snapped in two.

Fallen bamboo
Camellia bud in early spring

The Camellia buds were unfazed by the bitter cold. Nor was the delicate moss on the tree branches. And in the wetlands, the skunk cabbage are already poking out of the muck.

Ball of moss on a branch
skunk cabbage shoots in early spring

Will Spring stay? Is Winter really gone? I doubt it. It’s only the middle of January. Still, it’s no longer pitch black at 4:30 in the afternoon. The days are already noticeably longer. Spring is more present each day.

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  1. Romyn Flora says:

    Looking forward to Spring. God save the salmon berries..

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