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Blue Skies in November

You can’t ask for a better morning this time of year. Barely cold, no rain coming down, and promises of sunshine on the morning clouds. The ducks on the pond are happy this morning. The four young ones we moved … Continue reading

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Sunshine Is Just Beyond the Clouds

Chuckanut Mountain was particularly dark and broody today when I went down to the Post Office. On a day like today, it looks like it’s gone into hibernation. As thick as the clouds look today, it’s hard to imagine that … Continue reading

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Winter Returns to the Hills

Winter has returned to the foothills. When the clouds lift, the upper half of the foothills are dusted with snow. White, gray, subtle shades of blues and dark greens, winter here is a palette of pastels. I enjoy going out … Continue reading

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A Squirrel’s Fate

A bobcat is paying us visits. We saw it walk up the lane between us and the neighbors during the afternoon a few weeks ago. This week a motion sensitive camera I set up in the woods caught it walking … Continue reading

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November at Last

Yesterday while coming home from an errand, I saw swans flying overhead. There were swans in the fields too. At last, it feels like November is here. According to the clerk in the Bow Post Office, she saw swans yesterday, … Continue reading

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November 1 and No Swans

Today is the first of November. In many years, the swans have flown in from Alaska and Siberia by now. On a number of years, I’ve seen them first flying on November 1, but not this year. Today’s blue skies … Continue reading

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