All the Good There Is

Watching tofu cooling in clear, cold water is so soothing. It’s an opportunity to reflect on all the good there is.

The marjoram has gone to bloom, dainty pink flowers decorate the path out to the tofu cabin. The chickens walk past these flowers all day long. What do they think of them?

The latest chicks arrived Wednesday morning, Bielefelder cockerels and Cuckoo Maran pullets. The chicks took to my broody hen right away, and Thursday morning, she had them out exploring the world.

There are no Bielefelder pullets so I got some cockerels instead. The other roosters don’t know it, but I have sinister plans for them as these Bielefelder grow up, that is if the Bielefelder turn into the grand roosters they are reported to be.

A mother hen’s devotion to her chicks is evidence that given sufficient billions of years, star dust will turn into kindness.

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  1. Susan Mann says:

    Thanks for post. Lovely words and thoughts. The marjoram in my garden (Chester,England) is also in bloom. My two chickens Rosie and May are enjoying trying to catch the insects that it attracts.

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