Earth Lives

The first of the apple trees are starting to bloom. Apples wait to bloom until they have few leaves unfurled. Which makes me wonder, is it right to say leaves unfurl? If you’re going to unfurl something, don’t you need to furl it up in the first place? At what stage do the apple trees ever furl up their new sprouts.

Joy is being able to give eggs of many hues without having to die them yourself.

The young Barred-Rocks are trying out the roost during the day. They are still spending their nights in the hoop-house nursery where their mother raised them. Hopefully, they’ll soon join the adults at night in the chicken yard.

It’s been three weeks since the Asian Pear started opening its flowers. The flowers look a long way from being ready to drop. They aren’t so ephemeral as cherry blossoms which start blowing away in the wind far too soon.

One of my favorite things to eat is sprouting on its own. The Spring Chrysanthemum I let bloom and seed last summer is coming up on its own. There are beds of arugula, ruby streaks, and kale that come up on their own too. Add asparagus, lovage, stinging nettles, chives to the greens that you don’t need to plant once they get going, and you can have a vegetable garden that feeds you with very little tending.

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