Dreams of Spring

Born a few days early, I checked underneath Daisy this morning like I do every day to make sure no other hen has laid a fresh egg among the eggs she is incubating, heard a peep, and saw a broken shell. The first chick had hatched. I wasn’t expecting the chicks to hatch until the 28th, and here one has hatched already. More should be hatching by tomorrow. It hadn’t hatched last night as I checked underneath Daisy when I closed up the chicken coop for the night yesterday.

She’s a brave hen to hatch chicks this time of year. I plan on putting her and the chicks in one of the hoop houses so she will have a warm, dry place to raise her brood.

No matter how many times I see a newborn chick resting next to its mother, it never gets old.

About the only green left now is the hardy kale. It takes a lot of snow and ice to kill kale. There is no killing snow or frost in the forecast, and so we should have plenty of green kale to feast on. We watched a special on how to prepare Komatsuna 小松菜, Japanese mustard spinach, Brassica rapa var. perviridis.

One method of cooking Komatsuna, is to pass the leaves through simmering water for just 2 to 3 seconds. I gave it a try on the kale, and it is a great way to cook kale. It softens it just a bit while keeping the green, fresh taste of kale.

I’m going through all the seeds I have, cataloging them, and deciding what it is I want to plant for this year’s farmers market. These cold, wet, dark winter days are perfect for dreaming Spring dreams.

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  1. Dunja Marcum says:

    This is such a crazy year! We just moved pepper plants inside and expect to overwinter them just fine, in Portland!
    My ducks have been pairing off and some females looking for good nesting sites. And they’re laying!

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