Disturbance and Calm

It’s fitting to have a sunny shortest day of the year. The sun shining through winter flower petals is a promise that spring is not far away. As mild as this winter has been, it seems like spring is just a short hop away.

There are two broody hens. One is sitting on eggs that should hatch on December 28. A second hen went broody a few days ago, and today I will be putting eggs underneath her that should hatch January 11. I’ve had hens hatch eggs in December before, but never had one hatch eggs in January.

Yesterday’s windstorm was a reminder to stay out of the woods when the wind is blowing. A human skull doesn’t stand a chance when a many ton tree comes crashing down. Nor can a human heart survive being speared by a pointed branch hurtling down from high above.

The power has been out since yesterday morning, and as of this writing, we are one of some 50,401 customers still without power. A generator is providing us with some power to keep a few essential appliances running. Disturbance followed by calm, a fitting way to conclude the last orbit around our sun, and to start a fresh orbit. When you’re whipping around the sun at 107,208 kilometers an hour, 66,616 miles an hour, you can expect to experience disturbance from time to time.

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