Not a Vacation, a Trip to the Dump

I had to pull off Farm to Market Road on my way home from taking the recycling and trash to the transfer station to spend a few minutes admiring Mt. Baker and the winter clouds. Just a trip to the dump, and yet a view worth writing home about.

Speaking of vacations, the city of Musashino in Tokyo, is hosting a bar at the town dump, though they call it the Musashino Clean Center. Into February, the Gomi (Trash) Pit Bar (the link is in Japanese but there is a video you can watch that explains it all) is open for business in the visitor’s viewing gallery. Safely behind thick, clear glass, you can have drinks and light meals while watching the massive steel claws in the huge trash pit process tons of garbage.

It’s not fair to call Musashino City’s garbage disposal facility a dump. Using 80 garbage trucks, the facility collects a hundred tons of garbage every day. The burnable garbage is vaporized at very high heat, and produces electricity and heat for the Musashino City Hall, a public pool, gymnasium, a community center, and more. Nonburnable garbage is sorted and much of it recycled.

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  1. Jim Ediger says:

    MUSASHINO — that was MY TOWN for the last seven years; I lived in Kichijoji, but never knew! I just moved & live farther west-edge Tokyo, in HINO now .. Hino has quite a good trash-pickup service, will pick up clothing, printed matter, batteries/ noxious substances, electric appliances/ defunct computers, even.. Looking forward to discoveries here, too!

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