Why the Pasture is Never Flat

When we had the cows in the pasture, their heavy feet made holes all over. With the cows gone, we dreamed of a smooth meadow, but the pasture is even more uneven, and will never be flat. The dogs are even better than the cows at making holes, big holes, in their frantic hunt for moles.

This is why these two dogs are eternally banished from the vegetable gardens.

A setting sun set the clouds on fire this evening. Flip the picture upside down, and it looks like you are flying high over mountains, with a sea lit up by the sun in the distance.

The now-you-see-me, now-you-don’t sun plays with the towering cottonwoods on the other side of the pond. For a few moments they light up like candles, and turn to ashen columns when the clouds hide the sun.

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