Don’t Do in Seconds What You Can Spend Months Doing

The mushrooms are happy about the soaking fall rains. Humans would never think to turn the process of decomposing wood into something so wondrous. Our approach would be dousing wood in caustic chemicals to get rid of it in nanoseconds, and on to the next problem with even more haste. Nature’s solution is to create many things of beauty very slowly. Dead wood? Nature’s answer: Tens of thousands of fungi in a dazzling array of shapes, sizes, colors, and smells to decompose dead wood. Why accomplish something in seconds when you can take months and years and do it most beautifully?

Or use the most delicate of mosses to slowly, softly, quietly eat away the wood; mosses with the most delicate of flowers.

Gilda pauses to check if I come bearing gifts or am empty handed.

Happy is always ready to accept a handful of steamed rice. I caught him flirting with a hen the other day. With luck, some day he will rule the roost.

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