Still on Fire

When the sun sets this time of year on a cloudless eve, it turns everything gold. The tallest cottonwoods, their branches nearly stripped of all leaves, burn brightly. It takes the breath away.

The swans are back in great numbers. It’s impossible to go anywhere without seeing them grazing in the pastures, flying overhead, hearing them honk.

I thought Emma had stopped laying eggs for the season, but no, she’s just made a new nest. Unlike the chickens, when she leaves her nest, she covers her eggs with straw to hide them.

Despite the more frequent frosts, the shungiku 春菊 are as verdant as ever. It will be interesting to see how long they stay so green.

The moist fall air is laden with many fragrances. What must it be like to a dog’s nose? Takuma and Ena see the world through their noses on their forest walks. When their noses aren’t on the ground, they are sniffing the air. What interesting odor makes them pause to take another whiff? It’s odd that creatures so different, humans and dogs, living in very different worlds, make such great partners.

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