No More Lasts

On these frosty mornings, the cherry blossoms are coated with tiny beads of ice. Not a showy cherry tree, no spectacular spring show of flowers, this cherry which blooms off and on throughout the year, and especially in the fall and winter, is a charmer.

I picked the last apple of the season. In times past, once you picked the last apple, there were no more until the next season. So I imagine the last apple was very special. Nowadays, there are no such things as the last apple. There are always apples in the store. We’ve banished the notion of the last of many things.

San Juan is a Blue Andalusian rooster. Not the most gentle of roosters, at times a pest really, he is the best guard rooster of all the other roosters. Otherwise, he would have been in a dinner pot a long time ago. When danger approaches, he is the first to sound the alarm, and has a cry that I can hear from a long distance. Which shows that if you’re really good at something special, people will overlook a lot of faults. Make yourself indispensable and you can do most anything you want.

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