Asparagus Gold, Birds of Peace

Between passing Pacific storms, the clouds gave way to blue, November skies yesterday. The sunlight this time of year is soft and welcome. Those assigned to make up names of colors for paint swatches must love these late fall days. Asparagus gold, cottonwood rust, harvest grape, holly red, maple orange, burnt chestnut, the names of new colors come easily this time of year.

Whoever decided that doves are the symbol of peace never spent time with ducks. Always giggling, always happy, always friendly, always funny, ducks are the birds of peace. Even the soft rustling they make as they filter bugs with their beaks from a bed of dried leaves is soothing. It’s impossible to be sad or angry when you watch them preen.

By the wheelbarrow, the fallen leaves find a new home in the vegetable garden. Want millions of earthworms in your vegetable beds? Smother them with fall leaves. Earthworms love munching on fall leaves, and will carry organic matter deep into the soil as they burrow up and down to forage on the leaves. By spring earthworms and a host of other microscopic creatures will have infused your soil with organic matter.

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