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The First Day of Spring Already

It’s Thursday, a quiet morning baking bread, making tofu, packing eggs, and heading out to deliver them. Late November and it feels like a spring day. The warm, mild sun makes me believe that we just had the briefest winter … Continue reading

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Don’t Do in Seconds What You Can Spend Months Doing

The mushrooms are happy about the soaking fall rains. Humans would never think to turn the process of decomposing wood into something so wondrous. Our approach would be dousing wood in caustic chemicals to get rid of it in nanoseconds, … Continue reading

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Tree Trunks and Hot Coals

The woods have turned to their winter colors. This time of year you can see all the trunks of the trees. If you are into counting trees, now is your time. It’s the season when there is a fire burning … Continue reading

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Still on Fire

When the sun sets this time of year on a cloudless eve, it turns everything gold. The tallest cottonwoods, their branches nearly stripped of all leaves, burn brightly. It takes the breath away. The swans are back in great numbers. … Continue reading

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No More Lasts

On these frosty mornings, the cherry blossoms are coated with tiny beads of ice. Not a showy cherry tree, no spectacular spring show of flowers, this cherry which blooms off and on throughout the year, and especially in the fall … Continue reading

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What Goes Up Comes Down

The woods to the west look magical this morning with the sun melting away the fog. If I sit real still and quiet, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat come walking my way. The … Continue reading

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First Freeze

The temperature was down to freezing this morning, the first freeze of this winter. Once it has gotten down to freezing, you can’t say it’s still fall, can you? There are more leaves off the trees than left on. We … Continue reading

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