For the Love of Water

We got a larger, deeper water tank for the ducks and they are in heaven. The first thing they do when I let them out in the morning is rush over to the new tank for a morning swim. Actually, they spend half the day in the new tank, swimming and diving for about an hour at a time, stepping our to preen and preen and preen, foraging in the garden, before returning for another long swim.

Maybe it is the sense of weightlessness that elates them as they float on the surface. I’ve come to the realization that ducks without water to swim and dive in must go mad.

Fall is slipping away. We’ve seen the first of the swans flying over the valley and feeding in the fields. It is cloudy, misty, and rainy more than it is dry. Each day is darker. Nearly all the leaves are off the maple. The asparagus are golden, the mimosa dropping leaves. Hours of raking and mulching leaves await.

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