Happy Weather for Happy

It’s impossible to complain about this fall weather. Each day brings more sunshine and more brilliant foliage to enjoy. The forecast is for more extended rain starting Thursday, so until then, we’ll enjoy each gorgeous fall day.

And so will Happy. This is his seventh day here, and he has settled in. Hand raised by gentle people, he is the friendliest of the roosters, curious as to what I am doing with my phone, and wondering if I have any rice with me. I was told by the people who raised him that he loves rice, and he sure does. He eats it right out of my hand.

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2 Responses to Happy Weather for Happy

  1. Shirley Clift says:

    He is beautiful! And I have always been scared of roosters. Thanks for adopting him.

    • I’ve never had a rooster attack me or show any reason to be afraid of him in the ten plus years I’ve had roosters. It may be that if roosters don’t have enough space that they become aggressive to humans. An insufficient number of hens may plant ideas in their heads too.

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