Happy Finds a Home

On Sunday, Happy, a four month old Buff Orpington rooster came to live with us. His kind owners in the city were not able to keep him once he started crowing, and asked me if I could take him. I kept him penned Sunday and most of Monday. Monday evening, once I closed the chicken yard, I let him free so he could roost with the other chickens.

Yesterday, he went outdoor with the rest of the chickens, and spent the day foraging with them. My first rooster, Billy, was a Buff Orpington, and the best rooster I ever had. I do have a handful of other roosters that are ready for the dinner table this fall. As I clear them out, I’m hoping Happy will become a rooster the hens adore.

Please don’t think that I’m running a rescue home for unwanted roosters. That is hardly the case. Happy is an exception.

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