One Lucky Person

October’s cobalt blue skies continue. There is no rain in the forecast until the end of the month. The cottonwoods towering on the other side of the pond are starting to turn. It won’t be long before their golden leaves tumble to the forest floor.

Emma and the four Welsh Harlequin ducks love to swim. After watching how much ducks love to swim, I can’t imagine not giving ducks a place to swim. I’m working on plans to give them a much larger swimming hole in the garden, a duck pool I can easily flush clean without drowning the surrounding garden.

Tomorrow is the last Saturday market of the season for the Mt. Vernon Farmers Market. It’s time to gather Emma’s eggs. She has been on a roll recently, laying an egg every day. When she is not on her nest, she covers the eggs to hide them.

There are seven eggs in her nest, and one lucky person will take home a half dozen of her eggs tomorrow. I wonder who it will be, and who will go away disappointed when they arrive too late.

Gathering her eggs is a reminder than nearly everything we eat is alive, or was a living thing at one time. More than anything, living things need clean water, clean air, clean soil that is teeming with life.

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