Waking up to Fall

Summer walked away last week, and Fall walked in with its gentle rains and cool mornings. On the way to the cabin to make tofu for Blossom on Lopez and Anacortes Food Coop, I was surprised to find Sweet Annie growing around the apple trees. I planted some Sweet Annie years ago, and every year it grows, delighting me with its sweet scent. There are no words to describe its lovely scent. The sweet scent is not only in its flowers, every part of the plant is fragrant. All you have to do is brush against its delicate leaves and the air fills with pure sweetness. This year I need to collect a handful of its tiny seeds, and plant a row of them in the vegetable garden.

Steaming tofu curds, ready to be pressed, bunches of grapes, ripening way too slowly, a spider’s web in the grass, just a few highlights of an early Fall day.

On the way home from delivering tofu to the Anacortes Food Coop, the skies filled with billowing clouds, towering higher than the Himalayas. I had to stop to admire them. One of these days, I’m bound to drive into a tree because I’m staring at clouds too beautiful not to look at.

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