A Pleasant Harvest

What harvesting sunflower seeds was like was something that never crossed my mind before. It’s a pleasant sensation, loosening the seeds from the soft, honeycomb sphere of the sunflower. I planted sunflowers this year because the chickens love sunflower seeds. It was a test run, so I didn’t plant that many, but seeing that one flower produces 135 grams of seeds, next year I’ll plants hundreds of them, and have sunflower seeds for the chickens for much of the year.

A soft honeycomb is all that remains once the seeds are gone. It’s almost sad pushing the seeds out of their soft beds. I can see them wanting to stay in their soft, cozy beds, and sleep until spring time. Thought in reality, if I didn’t cut the sunflowers off their stems, birds would rip the seeds out of their cozy beds, and before the seeds know it, they’d be pulverized by the crops of the birds, with just a lucky few, dropping to the ground to become sunflowers in the spring.

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