A Garden is Always Full of Surprises

Biking home this afternoon, dark blue clusters of grapes caught my eye. After growing for five years, the Lynden Blue, Venus, and Canadice grape vines have lovely clusters of grapes hanging from their vines. There are even enough to take to market in a week or two. There are enough vines that in a few years my table at the farmers market will be laden with sweet grapes in early fall.

This time of year, going to the garden to get supper is a joy. It’s much more relaxing to pick supper out of a garden than in a grocery store. Just picked corn, spinach, and chard, you can’t find those in any store. Plus, in a store, there are no ducks helping you decide what to have for supper.

A year ago, it never would have occurred to me that my garden is not complete without a pair of ducks. They always have something to say, and say it they do, with their honks, grunts, whistles, hisses, and purrs. With so many vocalizations, they have a lot to say.

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