Something Old, Something New

A broken spatula handle on an old spatula makes me wonder if it isn’t time to let it go. It’s an old one, but of all the spatulas I’ve had over the years, the best, and I haven’t been able to find one just like it yet.

I’ve watched Allen Berry at the farmers market whittle spatulas, spoons, forks and knifes out of wood, and he’s mentioned that birch and vine maple are good woods to whittle. So while clearing trails, I cut a vine maple branch and thought, this would make a great spatula handle.

After a number of hours of whittling away, my spatula has a new, robust, won’t break in a million years, handle.

Out in the chicken coop, the ducklings have hatched. These are Welsh Harlequin ducklings. I’m moving their mother, a chicken, and the ducklings into a hoop house so she can raise them without being bothered by the rest of the flock, and the ducklings will stay out of the pond until they are feathered and waterproof.

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