It’s a Bee Thing

I’ve seen it often enough to know that sleeping on sunflowers is a thing some bees do. Is it something they like? Something they want to do? That’s a mystery. But I suppose, for some solitary bees, once its nest is made and laid with eggs, there’s no point in going back. They may as well enjoy life and sleep on sunflowers. In the late afternoon, I’ll see bees still gathering pollen and sucking nectar on the huge sunflowers. If I had the time, I’d spend all day watching the sunflowers, counting the bees which come and go, and seeing which ones stay past sundown to rest their weary legs and sleep the night away on the blooms.

Many great scientific discoveries are made when someone sees something and thinks, “That’s odd.” There could be a universe of discoveries to be made by unraveling the reasons why bees sleep on sunflowers. Do they sleep anywhere on a sunflower or just on certain florets? Maybe a tiny handful of the florets secrete a special bee-attracting substance that intoxicates the bees and keeps them on the florets. Maybe this special substance is the cure for arthritis or something else. Maybe.

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