Who Is the Fairest of them All?

Who is the fairest of them all? That is an easy answer. It’s Lulu with her lovely green eggs. Most of the hens have decided there are better things to do than lay eggs on hot summer days. Lulu isn’t one of those slackers.

Or is it serene Goldilocks?

Maybe the fronds of blue sage flowers are the fairest of them all.

Perhaps the fairest of them all are the ripening sun gold tomatoes, tomatoes too good to take to market. I go to harvest them for market and come up empty handed with a belly full of warm, ripe, heavenly sweet tomatoes. At least I try. It’s the thought that counts, isn’t it?

What about the striated tomatoes growing plump in the hoop house? They sure are fair.

Definitely not the champagne grapes, which though they look wonderful and tempting, fail to ripen every year. Maybe not this year, please ripen this year.

Or maybe the fairest of them all is the bee making honey from the nectar of oregano blossoms. Where or where are you making your honey, little bee? Show me your secret hive so I can have but just one drop of what must be the most delicious, flavorful honey in the world.

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