Things to Smile About on a Warm August Day

The white flower bean pods are getting plump. Grapes are fattening. It’s impossible to go into the garden without smiling.

And harvesting poppy seeds is an otherworldly affair. Do these even look like earth creatures? They look like oddities from another planet, alien space creatures wondering how to get their crashed space ship flying again, communicating in radio waves, beaming in all direction from their antenna caps, in frequencies we humans can’t hear. They can probably carry on simultaneous conversations with tens of other pods, unlike us humans who can barely carry on conversations with just one other human.

A poppy seed is just a spec. And all the information as to how to create a new poppy plant with spectacular blooms and alien looking poppy pods is contained in that tiny black spec. In one mouthful, you can eat enough poppy seeds to plant a whole field. We live on a wondrous, magical planet. There is no place like this within billions and billions of miles. We are the lucky ones.

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