Standing on Corn Roots

Corn roots testify that corn is a tropical plant. Thick, tropical plant roots with stubby tips push corn plants above the soil. The next time you pass a corn field, imagine the millions of corn plants standing above the soil on stubby stilts. It makes you wonder how many tiny creatures have fun running through corn roots. Some insects could even hide among the corn roots from the beaks of evil birds.

It is the height of summer. Daisies and blooming marjoram delight.

King Richard and his fans wonder if I have any goodies for them. It’s always interesting to see which hens are cozying up to which rooster. King Richard is pretty popular these days. If I didn’t have so many other things to do, I’d spend all day watching what happens in chicken society. It is far more complicated than you can imagine.

This summer day will end feasting on a thimble berry and rhubarb tart. Happiness is being able to make a tart from berries and rhubarb you pick just before you make your tart.

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