Is This the Summer?

Is this the summer the grapes will ripen? I have hope. Supposedly varieties that will ripen this far north, after three years of pruning and growing, they have set fruit galore. May the sunny days of July and August plump the little grapes and fill them with sweetness.

The ducks enjoy stretching their legs and pruning their feathers at the end of a long summer day. One of our dogs, Takuma, waits on the other side of the garden gate, as he often does when I am in the garden, hoping and praying for the day when he can get into the garden and have a good duck meal.

He and his sister, Ena, did have a good meal of rabbit in the garden recently. A bunny had figured out how to get into the garden, and when I had no luck enticing it to go elsewhere, I locked the ducks safely in their enclosure, and reluctantly let the dogs loose. I was concerned that they might trash a lot of the vegetable rows tearing after the rabbit. But it took them less than five minutes to get the rabbit. I had barely made a visit to the house to pick something up, and when I returned to the garden, the dogs were finished, sitting in the shade, snacking on fresh rabbit, their favorite food. Sad for the rabbit. Happy for the vegetables the rabbit was devouring.

A happy sight is a wheelbarrow full of garlic. I started selling garlic at the Mt. Vernon Farmers Market last Saturday. Watching all the customers who purchased garlic, it makes me wonder in how many kitchens and in how many dishes the garlic that grew in my garden ends up.

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