Safe and Sound

This is how I fertilize the garden, by adding wheelbarrows of green matter, of which I have an endless supply. Plenty of organic matter makes for a very biologically rich garden. Wouldn’t you rather eat vegetables growing from soil made from wheelbarrows of lush plants than vegetables growing in soil full of industrial fertilizers?

Every time I work in the garden, I am amazed at how much life is in the soil, earthworms, spiders, grubs, countless tiny creatures scurrying about. Look at the soil with a microscope and it is teeming with life.

On a beautiful summer day with hydrangea and daisies in bloom, poppy plants thrusting their seed pods high into the air, what could possibly go awry?

While fixing lunch, I heard a commotion of loud cackles coming from around the pond. Something was disturbing the chickens so much that a few had flown over the fence. I was saddened to find one of Sven’s tail feathers along with some of his hind feathers in the grass on the far side of the pond.

I was prepared to never see him again, though from the few feathers I found, I had hope that he had escaped. If something had caught him, there would have been many more of his feathers left behind. I found Koromo-hime 衣姫 perched in a cherry tree, something that only happens if she were fleeing from danger.

After fleeing from a predator, chickens hide and wait until the danger is past. They can wait for hours, lying very still. Throughout the afternoon, I repeatedly returned to the spot where Sven’s feathers lay scattered on the grass, and close to five in the afternoon, Sven appeared, along with a handful of hens. They had been hiding down by the pond, waiting most of the afternoon until they felt safe to venture out.

I felt much better watching Sven and Koromo-hime walk home around the pond.

The wee bit of marjoram I planted a year or two ago, is spreading nicely along the path to the cabin. With this much marjoram, I have a constant supply of fresh marjoram. You can’t be sad when a handful of marjoram is just a short walk from the kitchen, and a beautiful rooster like Sven is safe and sound.

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4 Responses to Safe and Sound

  1. Cindy says:

    Good to know! I’ve only ever put it in a compost pile, but I’m going to try your suggestions as well. Thanks!

  2. Cindy says:

    So glad the hens and Sven are ok 🙂 I wonder what could have disturbed them but not the dogs. When you pile green matter into the garden, do you dump it in a fallow spot and then dig it in later for a future bed? Just curious what your process is!

    • I think it was coyote who snuck in through the woods. I chased off a coyote in another spot a few weeks ago. I do a number of things with the green matter. I use it instead of dirt to hill potatoes. I use it for mulch around vegetables. I line the spaces between the vegetable rows with it, and I use it in compost piles. I let it decompose and it turns into wonderful soil in a few months.

  3. Dunja Marcum says:

    Yay Sven!

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