Why Don’t They?

The Rainier cherries are ripening, and when I go to pick them, the chickens come running. They love cherries. Any I drop they stab instantly. They love fruit, blueberries, blackberries, grapes, cantaloupes, peaches, you name it. Heaven to chickens would be a watermelon patch full of sweet, ripe watermelons split open.

What is puzzling is that with their excellent eyesight, they can see the plump, ripe cherries hanging in big clusters in the tree, yet they never fly up into the cherry trees to eat them. It’s not that they can’t. I’ve seen them go up fifteen feet high into a sequoia tree to roost, so hopping up three, four feet to walk along a cherry branch would be nothing to them. But they don’t. Why don’t they?

It’s the same with blueberries, and with grapes. I do see them hop up to stab a blueberry or grape, but never take the next step of hopping the few feet onto a branch to have a feast. It’s just as good they don’t, otherwise we’d never get to enjoy our cherries.

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