Under Cobalt Skies

Towering clouds, cobalt blue skies, perfect weather for potatoes to blossom.

How many have pictures of stunning potato blossoms in their mind when they eat a potato? The first of the potatoes are starting to bloom. Others are waist high, their verdant leaves shimmering in the sun. And others, I planted less than a week ago, have yet to push their leaves out of the ground. Which is what I love about potatoes. You can plant them month after month.

What goes through a bee’s mind when it enters a cavernous peony? Many of the flowers bees visit aren’t much bigger than the bee. Many smaller. But a peony, compared to a bee, is huge. Is there any trepidation at entering such a massive flower? Any fears of not being able to get back out, or is there just pure exhilaration at encountering a massive flower with more nectar and pollen than a bee could possibly consume?

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