Everything Is Something’s Best Food

Everything is something’s best food, and nothing is more relished by ducks than slugs. The ducks have cleaned out the slugs from the vegetable garden, so when I found a handful of slugs outside of the garden, it was a chance to show how much they loved slugs.

How many slugs will a duck eat before it won’t eat any more? That is a question that will take more research.

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2 Responses to Everything Is Something’s Best Food

  1. The main slugs I see are Red slugs Arion rufus and Leopard slugs Limax maximus. Both of them can get quite large. Washington state is also home to the second largest terrestrial slug in the world, the Pacific banana slug found in the forests.

  2. Tracey says:

    These slugs look different than the ones I have here in Maine. Interesting. Love your blog. It’s beautiful there where you are 😊

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