Is She or Isn’t She?

Is she or isn’t she? That was the question today. Quackers was spending a lot of time during the day on her nest. By late afternoon it was clear she had gone broody and was incubating a clutch of seven eggs. So in early July, there may be seven ducklings she will be raising.

It is the mothering season. Baby chicks must have the most comfortable of all beds, and coziest naps.

The bees are having a heyday in the fiery torch blossoms. Bees and other insects may be struggling in many parts of the world, but on these five acres, with no pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, or fungicides, and lush vegetation everywhere, they thrive.

The delight of this time of year is always being able to pick a salad while I’m making a meal. A snip here and there, and in just a minute or two, I’m carrying a fresh salad back into the house to enjoy.

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