Early Summer in May

The last few days have been an early summer, more like late July and early August than mid May. Even a bed of cabbage seems like a welcoming place to cool my head and take a break from the heat, though outside of this cool coastal climate, others laugh when they hear the thermometer hasn’t even approached 80ºF – 26ºC. The chives are in bloom, as well as peonies, rhododendron, and so many others.

The thimble berries are in full bloom, their white flowers fluttering like huge butterflies. In a month, bright red thimble berries will melt in my mouth.

Tonight, Daisy is on the roost. Last night was the last night she spent huddled in a corner with her chicks. When I closed the chickens in this evening, a few of her chicks had joined her on the roost, the rest were hunkered down where they had been sleeping with her. Soon they will all leave the ground and roost with the adult chickens. Life goes on.

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