The Secret to Happiness: Who Knew?

The flowering cherry may have scattered its blossoms, but the Rainier cherries are just opening up. The pear trees are in full bloom too.

And under the blooming pears, I’ve found the secret to happiness: ducks. All it takes is a few quacks and the feel of webbed feet on your hands to relieve all worries and stress. Maybe scientists can extract the happiness gene in the DNA of ducks and insert it into humankind. I know it’s in duck DNA somewhere.

A morning sniff-about in the woods with the dogs isn’t bad either. They lead from one soothing forest garden spot to another. The most peaceful gardens are the ones you never touch, the little gardens which spring up all on their own.

The fiddle ferns are uncurling, pushing their furry claws high into the air.

The dogwood is budding out.

And the potatoes have sprouted. Once the potatoes leaf out, visions of new potatoes boiling on the stove induce pure joy. Nothing can compare to the taste of a new potato plucked out of the warm earth and cooked immediately. You can never buy one in a store, because by the time it’s been washed, bagged, and transported to market, the magic is gone.

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