How Do You Recall 207,000,000 Eggs?

The sky is blue enough this morning to proclaim it a sunny day. Even as I write, sunlight dabbles the grass. Days of sunshine are in the forecast. The remaining cherry, pear, and plum blossoms will be glorious.

I can relax and ponder the news clip about a company recalling 207 million eggs. How do you recall 207 millions eggs? How do you even get into a situation where you have to recall 207 million eggs, 206,749,248 eggs to be precise according to the FDA’s April 13 release.

To get into a situation where you have the honor of recalling 206,749,248 eggs, you first need a farm with 3 million hens which lay 2.3 million eggs a day. Is that a farm or is it a factory? The recall covers eggs packaged at that farm/factory from January 11 through April 12, so most likely most of the eggs have already been eaten.

And what sort of farm has 3 million hens in one location? The Rose Acre Farms, started by the Rust family does. Actually they have 17 such facilities in eight states, and even though they are one of the largest egg producers in the country, according to their web site, they “still honor the Rust family’s values that have characterized Rose Acre Farms from the beginning.” And “their small-town, family-owned values of service and quality never waver.” Good to know.

Curious what happens to the hens in a situation like this, I called and talked to Mark Nolting, National Marketing Director of Rose Acre Farms, who said that the FDA found the salmonella under a trash can in a room at the facility. The FDA has not found it in the hen houses but are still investigating. Depending on the conclusions of the investigation, the flock (can you call 3 million hens a flock?) may need to be destroyed.

Now it’s on to enjoying a day without rain.

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