Life’s Rhythms – Not Forgotten

At times it seems like nature has forgotten to keep spring moving along. We’re stuck with cool, drizzly days that should be getting warmer, only they’re not. All it takes is a venture into the woods to see that life’s rhythm has not stopped. The bleeding hearts are lifting their purple blossoms on schedule. The skunk cabbage has bloomed and is odorizing the woods.

The cone cabbages are thrusting up their first true leaves. Someone I know will be very happy about this. And Daisy has found a very comfortable spot for her chicks and herself to take a break.

Lovage is on the chopping block once more. Spring wouldn’t be spring without soups with lovage.

And the plums are in full bloom. Plums, plums, and more plums. Life’s rhythm keeps its steady, soft beat.

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