Mankai – 満開 – Full Bloom

The definition for when a cherry tree is in full bloom is when 80% of the blossoms are open. We’ve have reached that stage here, and with the cool, cloudy weather, the tree is staying in full bloom day after day.

The best way to view the blossoms is to climb a ladder and immerse yourself in the thick of them.

It’s hard to believe that a year ago today we were on our way to Japan and saw cherry blossoms day after day wherever we went. There are beautiful words to describe cherry blossoms such as Hanagasumi – 花霞 – which is cherry blossoms in the distance which appear as mist. Or Ooun – 桜雲 – the characters are cherry and cloud, which describe a sky so full of cherry blossoms they look like clouds.

With the cool weather, daisy is keeping her brood in the dry chicken yard. She is a very protective hen. I have the scars to prove it. Little chicks enjoy hopping on her back. The eleven sibling of this little chick are tucked underneath Daisy, staying warm and cozy.

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