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Ode to Rhubarb

The first picking of rhubarb is always an occasion to celebrate. Rhubarb is a celebration of everything green and red. Few vegetables crunch the way rhubarb does when you slice it with a knife. This year’s first rhubarb picking became … Continue reading

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Apples in Bloom

The apples are blooming. The first time I saw apple orchards in bloom was in northern Japan, in Aomori. Rows and rows of blossoming apple trees covering the rolling hills up to the distant mountains. Every apple starts as a … Continue reading

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The Secret to Happiness: Who Knew?

The flowering cherry may have scattered its blossoms, but the Rainier cherries are just opening up. The pear trees are in full bloom too. And under the blooming pears, I’ve found the secret to happiness: ducks. All it takes is … Continue reading

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Blue Skies, Warmer Days, Dog Paths and All

It’s a blue and green world. Blue skies at dawn make it easy to step outside and follow the dog path out to the garden. Takuma and Ena have carved their paths to the garden, out to the pasture, through … Continue reading

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How Do You Recall 207,000,000 Eggs?

The sky is blue enough this morning to proclaim it a sunny day. Even as I write, sunlight dabbles the grass. Days of sunshine are in the forecast. The remaining cherry, pear, and plum blossoms will be glorious. I can … Continue reading

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Drama in the Woods

The forest quiet, bleeding hearts and trillium in bloom, belie the drama in the woods. Snakes hunt silently. A coyote is stalking the chickens. The forest floor is littered with trees recent storms have toppled. This year’s cherry blossoms have … Continue reading

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When Birch Bloom

You never hear of poets writing about birch blossoms. When is the last time you’ve sung a song about the beauty of birch blossoms? Never, I assume. And yet, they are so delightful. You just need to look closely. Little, … Continue reading

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