First Daffodil

Blanchard Mountain is all smiles today. What mountain wouldn’t be on a day like this? Sky of blue. Warmth of sun. This year, Blanchard Mountain has a special reason to celebrate. The Washington State legislators have approved funding to protect 1,600 acres of the mountain from logging.

But most of all, daffodils are in bloom. March 9 of 2018, a day to remember for all time. The first day of the year with daffodils in bloom. Is there a better reason to celebrate? To pour a glass of wine and toast winter’s end? I think not.

It’s said that sadness, depression, troubles are the underlying causes of becoming an alcoholic. What about too much happiness? Too many things to celebrate? Too many things to toast? Fortunately for me, I have a built in mechanism to keep the bottles from piling up. Two glasses of wine and I am fast asleep. It’s impossible to get that third and fourth glass down. Another thing to celebrate.

High in the sky, the alder flowers dangle in tassels. The slightest of breezes carries their pollen far and wide, making me sneeze, and sneeze, and sneeze.

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