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Happiness Is …

Happiness is watching red wing black birds gathering cattail fluff for their nest. Happiness is freeing Daisy from her nursery. Her chicks are a week old today and ready to explore the wide world. Five of them are actually Buff … Continue reading

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1st Peep

Seeing the first chick of the year is always a surprise. I had tomorrow, the 26th, marked as hatching day, but today, I saw a fuzzy head peaking out from underneath Daisy’s fluffy feathers. There is no surer sign that … Continue reading

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Only In the Spring

Only in the spring does rhubarb surprise with its first wrinkled leaves. So many intricate folds. Up close they look like steep, forested mountain ranges with raging rivers gushing through narrow canyons. Only in the spring do daffodils tickle dog … Continue reading

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It Takes Five

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, it takes five to six open blossoms to claim that the cherries are in bloom. And when 80% of the blossoms are open, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. The few open ones … Continue reading

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Spring Marches On

The cherry buds are filling out. Another week or so and the sky will be ablaze with cherry blossoms. The forecast is for a week of sunshine, something the cherry blossom buds will enjoy. Cabbage sprouts look like baby four … Continue reading

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Plum Blossoms, Crocus, and Croaking Frogs

With this week’s warm weather, winter has evaporated, replaced with plum blossoms and crocus blooms. The bumblebees are buzzing, robins are hopping over the lawn, and today, frogs started croaking. Once frogs croak, there is no stopping spring.

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First Daffodil

Blanchard Mountain is all smiles today. What mountain wouldn’t be on a day like this? Sky of blue. Warmth of sun. This year, Blanchard Mountain has a special reason to celebrate. The Washington State legislators have approved funding to protect … Continue reading

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