The Excitement is Palpable

Packets of cabbage seed arrive, more than 1,800 seeds according to the description on the backs of the packages, and the excitement is palpable. My fingers can hardly wait to start planting. Here is a vegetable with substance. Humankind would have gone extinct were it not for hearty cabbage. Unlike the wimpy salads lettuce makes, a salad of cabbage is robust, full of flavor, and sufficient to power a full day’s work. Lettuce will do for the delicate salads required by office workers who sit all day lifting only their pinky fingers and moving their lips, but for those who toil with their whole bodies, who do real work, it takes cabbage to power their hard-driving muscles.

The chives are sprouting, sending their tendril like leaves up into the air. Each week there are more fresh greens to feast on. March is just around the corner when winter’s grasp relinquishes its last hold and frees all its captives.

The cherries are still weeks away from blooming, but branches brought inside, quickly bloom.

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