World’s Best Egg Run

It’s Thursday and time to deliver eggs to Tweets Café in Edison. The five mile run into Edison must rank as one of the world’s best egg runs. The road winds through woodland, blueberry fields, flanked by the Chuckanut Mountains. Mt. Blanchard is ever graceful, ever watchful, ever peaceful.

Today, on the way home, I was treated to an impromptu art show, when I had to wait for a freight train to pass. Was I looking at the work of Canadian artists? Or were these Californian art pieces back from a rolling exhibition in Canada? Or are they more Portlandia?

The budding peonies at home are putting on a stunning art show as well. Few flowers go to such trouble, unfolding their leaves and buds like dancers with arms entangled in a slow moving, heart-rendering melodrama.

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1 Response to World’s Best Egg Run

  1. Shirley Clift says:

    Exquisite eggs. Thank you for the photo. I wish at least one was on it’s way to San Francisco.

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