More Research Required

Blue skies and sunshine give a reason for the cherry blossom buds to plumpen. Another month and they will be on the verge of opening. Early March is when they usually open. Last year was a cold spring and they didn’t open until nearly April.

Kuma-hime 熊姫 is pondering which nest to use. The current most favored nest is occupied. Someone could write a doctoral thesis on the nest selection process of chickens. It’s far more complicated than you can imagine, and the underlying algorithm would probably scrawl across several blackboards. Years of intensive research may uncover a primal selection mechanism that goes back hundred of millions of years, and is one humans have embedded in our genetic code too. Where we all like to bed down may be determined by the exact same genetic code. Knowing this algorithm hard-wired into our genes, marketeers could make selecting their couches out of all the others irresistible. More research is required.

There’s no time for me to research the algorithm buried in Kuma-hime’s brain. It’s on to planting onions.

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