Hoop De Doo

The morning started without a cloud in the sky. There are places where a cloudless morning doesn’t even register as anything out of the ordinary, but here it is something you write home about. I’m old enough to remember when letters were a thing. The nice thing about letters is that you weren’t expected to respond this minute. You had time to think about what to write back, and the party on the other end would wait a week or two, a month or two, and not be unsettled at the long time it took to get a reply.

The bright sunshine motivated me to plant potatoes, a little early perhaps, but I’ve found that potatoes do well when they have lots of time to grow their roots before sending up their shoots in April.

The ducks are eager to help. How many bugs can a duck eat? I thought chickens were voracious bug and earthworm eaters. Ducks are on another level. Their bills are like shovels, scooping up any creature they spot.

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